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Organic cotton triangle

Say good-bye to sweaty chests and slobbery tops for good!

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Say good-bye to sweaty chests and slobbery tops for good!

Let me introduce you to this wonderful accessory, which every babywearing mum surely appreciates:

The organic cotton Triangle

Our triangle, made of soft organic cotton, has been created for your and your child’s comfort in (not only) hot months of the year. Its purpose is to protect you from sweat dripping down your chest when your little precious falls asleep while carried in a sling.

It is placed on your chest in between your skin and your baby’s head. You simply attach it to your bra strings with little plastic snaps and voila! There’s no longer a need to carry a muslin blanket, bib or pretty much any type of cloth with you on a hot Australian summer day J


Our triangle is a practical helper that easily fits in your pocket or purse, and is always handy and ready for use.


Another significant advantage the triangle offers is discreet breastfeeding in public. You don't need to show more than necessary. Every single t-shirt becomes a practical nursing top with this smart piece of fabric, which saves you a lot of money (we all know how much they sell for!)


Invented and made by Angel Wings clothing, Czech Republic.


The triangle is made of two layers of organic cotton and comes in convenient two pieces in a pack.



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