Light Cardigan - Emerald Maximize

Light Cardigan - Emerald

Timeless piece of your wardrobe for pregnancy, maternity, Babywearing and everyday use.

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A lighter version of our variable wrap-around cardigan.

It can be worn when Babywearing your little bubba on your back or, front, during those exciting months of pregnancy or, on its own. Truly the only clothing you are going to need for many years.

You will appreciate this delightful light knitwear when a chilly breeze comes along out of the blue and you simply want to protect your little one (peacefully dreaming on your chest) from the cold. It is long enough to cover toddler’s feet.

There are many ways to wrap it around. Leave it to your own imagination to play its game or, check our instructional video here. It looks stunning with jeans, skirt or just leggings. An excellent “must have” for your wardrobe!

The cardigan is so lightweight that it won’t take any room in your handbag and so versatile that you’ll never leave home without it.


Manufacturer: Angel Wings Czech Republic

Material: polyester, viscose, elastane

Maintenance: low temperature machine washable – simply wash, hang and wear with no ironing!


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