Q: Can I back carry in the Babywearing jackets?

A: Yes, all our Babywearing jackets, coats, hoodies, cardigans, etc. have been designed for backcarrying your child as well as frontcarrying. All our goods can also be worn without your baby as an ordinary piece of clothing or during pregnancy with a pregnancy insert.


Q: Are your Babywearing jackets baby carriers?

A: No, none of our Babywearing product is a substitute for a certified baby carrier. Our products are worn over a baby carrier to keep you and your child warm in cooler weather.


Q: Is the softshell jacket waterproof?

A: It is water resistant with a water column of 5000 mm. In other words it means that our softhsell jacket will protect you in a rainny day on your way to school pick up or on a short walk where a shower comes out of nowhere. But it might leek if you go on a three-hour-long hike where it is bucketing down all the way. Our raincoat is fully waterproof.


Q: What is the difference between softshell jacket and softshell coat?

A: Softshell coat is approx. 20 cm longer than the softshell jacket and is not as warm as softshell jacket as it is made of thinner type of shoftshell.


Q: How long does it take to receive a product which has been ordered in your online store?

A: It depends on its availability. In our online store, you can see two statuses. Either 'In stock' which means I have the required product in stock here in Sydney and once you place your order it will be shipped to you the next business day. Or 'On back order' and this means the goods are in the manufacturer’s warehouse in Europe and need to be shipped to Australia first. If you wish to query an estimated delivery date please contact me at veronika@bubbasfoot.com.au.


Q: Can I try your Babywearing jackets on before I buy in the online store?

A: If you attend Babywearing meets in Sydney metropolitan area just contact me and I’m happy to bring some products for you to try on. 


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