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Establishment of Bubba’s Foot was inspired by our own recent experience. In August 2013 our gorgeous little twin girls were born two months earlier than expected and they spent two months in a special care unit in one of the Sydney’s best hospitals. They were very tiny and fragile and we learned about how important a Kangaroo care is for their growth and future development. I made sure that I cuddled them every day if their health condition allowed me to. Since we have brought them home I babywear them as often as I can. They are so calm and happy when I have them on. They still sense my heart beat and warmth and it makes them feel safe and secure.

I am a mother of three and I had carried our first born, the girl’s big brother since he was born. Woven wraps and baby carriers were a natural part of my outfit. But I was missing something. In cooler spring and autumn months and especially in winter time, it was a bit of struggle to put enough warm clothing on my son, then on me and then wrap him on. We didn’t feel comfortable enough. So I did my research and after months and even years of trying different available options, I was lucky enough to come across this wonderful brand of clothes designed and made especially for mums and dads who babywear. Angel Wings is their name and it speaks for its purpose – let the Angel Wings protect you and your baby! And look fantastic!

The clothing is very comfy and fashionable, designed especially for those who want to carry their baby close whether it's cold or hot, those who care what they put on and what they look like. It is designed and handmade by one very talented lady in the Czech Republic, the heart of Europe, with care and from the best quality materials. All the babywearing jackets that come out of her workshop can be worn in many different ways. With or without a baby, front carrying or back carrying, and also during those exciting months of pregnancy. All thanks to its smart system of Babywearing or maternity inserts. All the products are unique and “must haves” for your wardrobe.

My commitment is to bring these unique, practical and fashionable pieces of babywearing jackets to you here in Australia and New Zealand and provide you with outstanding customer service. Please explore our portfolio and I wish you happy shopping ;-)

Do you have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me!

For the Bubba’s Foot team, Veronika


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